Womens 3s
Sat 23 Mar 2024  ·  South East Women's Division 2 Martlets
Lewes Hockey Club
Womens 3s
H Fuller (11')
Mid Sussex 2
Lewes W3's v Mid Sussex 2’s at Southdown Club – 23rd March 2024

Lewes W3's v Mid Sussex 2’s at Southdown Club – 23rd March 2024

Claudine Love25 Mar - 11:18
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Glorious day for the Glorious Greens

Last game of the season, last game of the day, was played out in brilliant sunshine – which was lovely until the point of which we could no longer determine the player’s colours as they were silhouetted against the sun.

The only goal of the game was a brilliantly worked manoeuvre, starting with some lovely work from Bert on the right, linking up with Thommo who fired in a peach of shot into the D, towards the keeper and was disposed of beautifully by the ever gorgeously-gusseted Gubbins. There was plenty of other great work done across the pitch, with some great 1-2’s between Gabi, Kate and Lizzie down the right, and between Isla and Naomi on the left – Goldie contributing to both channels, as always, if not offering a direct option, then alternatively moving the opposition like the puppet-master she is, allowing others to utilise that centre channel. Isla Skinner earning herself another Players’ Player award, with her usual silky skills and overall defensive brilliance. Once we as a backline can perfect the pivot across the back, it will be a seriously difficult team to beat...this is my ambition for 2024/2025 season! Freya ‘Gandalf’ Colvin has been imperious between the sticks, all season and today was no different for her, although perhaps this week with added satisfaction.

Having started the week awash with players by the time the match day dawned we were down to one sub – but it felt fitting to end the season with a few of the squad that had contributed much to the club/squad over the season but had not always been able to play regularly. Lewes Women’s 3’s has a few club umpires – Lizzie Mounter and Helen Fuller volunteer their time week in-week out and herd hockey-cats with their whistle in hand. Helen ‘Gubbs’ Fuller is a vital member of the 3’s squad, with contributions sometimes unseen but never unheard.
Caroline ‘Thommo’ Petty is a mighty fine player returning from a hockey hiatus, but also injury, who has been instrumental in running the bench and inspiring people across the whole season. Jan ‘Goldie’ Goldsmith is not just a crafting queen, but also plays a key role as the youth development lynchpin in a team that has a big responsibility to bring on the young talent we are privileged to have in such a great family club. There have been a few new young players join/re-join the squad over the season and we hope they will continue to grow and enjoy their hockey journey… under the careful tutelage of new co-captains – Gabi Shaw and Kate Lambourne. These two beauts are absolutely the right pair to lead the team onwards and upwards, alongside the old guard in Naomi Blackwell, Lou Williams, Sara Riley who are genuinely the backbone of the team.

Has been a true honour to captain this squad, whilst I am sad that other commitments mean I cannot continue to give it the time and attention it deserves, this squad has so much potential, but I do hope to still be able to play a part in it. Signing off for the season, and as captain… Have a great summer all, hopefully you will get some happy hockeying in (hope to see y'all at a Monday Night Hockey and Saturday Sixes session soon).

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Sat 23 Mar 2024



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Last league game of the season, which is super sad - but am looking forward to finishing the season on a high ☺️


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