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Sat 27 Jan 2024  ·  South East Women's Division 2 Martlets
Lewes Hockey Club
Womens 3s
S Riley (10'), (55'), M Hutchison (20'), (27'), P Scrivens (25'), G Shaw (60'), (65')
Middleton 2
Lewes 3s showcase champagne hockey at the Southdown club today

Lewes 3s showcase champagne hockey at the Southdown club today

Claudine Love28 Jan - 10:44
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Saturday 27th January v Middleton 2s

In a thrilling home game at Lewes, the Women's 3s team displayed sheer dominance, securing a resounding 7-0 victory against Middleton 2s. The match, which commenced with an 11:45 pushback, was marked by exceptional teamwork, precision plays, and a flurry of goals.

The first half set the tone for Lewes as they swiftly took control of the game, putting immense pressure on Middleton's defence. The goal-fest began in the 10th minute when Sara Riley capitalized on an opportunity, slotting home a precise shot. Maddie Hutchinson doubled the lead in the 20th minute, showcasing her scoring prowess. Polly Scrivens extended the lead further with a well-executed goal in the 25th minute - displaying composure beyond her experience, Scrivens capitalized on an opportunity and contributed to Lewes' formidable lead. The team's support and encouragement for their newest member were palpable, creating a positive atmosphere that undoubtedly played a role in Scrivens' successful debut. Maddie Hutchinson secured her brace just two minutes later, leaving Middleton struggling to find an answer.

The second half continued in the same fashion, with Lewes relentless in their pursuit of goals. Sara Riley once again found the back of the net in the 55th minute, showcasing her clinical finishing. Gabi Shaw then added her name to the scoresheet with two goals, one in the 60th minute and another in the 65th minute. Both of Gabi's goals came from Penalty Corners, the first a beautifully taken deflection and the second a composed finish during the post-penalty corner play.

Notably, Maddie Hutchinson's first goal and both of Gabi Shaw's goals originated from Penalty Corners, highlighting the potential for this team's proficiency in set-piece plays. Maddie's PC corner goal, in particular, stood out as a pre-practiced move, emphasizing the strategic preparation that the team brings to the field.

The victory not only showcased Lewes Women's 3s' attacking prowess but also their defensive resilience, keeping a clean sheet against Middleton's attempts. In defence, Mia Childs had a great game, adapting to an unfamiliar position with ease and contributing hugely to the offensive moves - I certainly counted one assist to the goal tally. Also, was brilliant to have our familiar LB back to fitness - Lucy Nuttall showed her usual composure and skill whilst being sensible about protecting a potential muscle issue. Covering Lucy and the left midfield position with her usual majesty was Naomi Blackwell, whose supporting positioning was impeccable. Naomi's vision on the pitch laser beam-like linked up with Nina Blackwell-Rayan beautifully, as ever. Nina demonstrated her usual gorgeous hockey skills in a handful of beautiful attacking runs, nearly always culminating in getting the ball released to a team-mate in a great position. Nina and Maddie showing some great interplay in particular. Whilst the Middleton forays into the Lewes defending 23 may have not been overly numerous - they were dealt with by Freya Colvin's usual aplomb. A lovely high-fiving of the ball at one point but nothing, as per, causing Freya any trouble.

Gabi Shaw's Player's Player recognition was a testament to her outstanding performance throughout the match. Her goals weren't just mere statistics; they were displays of technical prowess and strategic insight. The first goal, an immediate deflection, demonstrated her ability to capitalize on Penalty Corners with finesse. The second, a composed finish during the post-penalty corner play, showcased Shaw's versatility and adaptability on the field. Beyond the goals, Shaw's influence was felt in every aspect of the game. Her adept ball control, vision, and teamwork were integral to Lewes' success. The acknowledgment from her peers as Player's Player underscored not only Shaw's individual brilliance but also her crucial role in fostering team cohesion.

Overall, the match was a testament to Lewes Women's 3s' skill, strategy, and teamwork, leaving both players and fans alike with a memorable performance to cherish - I know I will, so thank you to every member of the squad for all their effort and commitment. Very much looking forward to taking on the top of the table next week, we are ready for it.....

Thanks again to Chat GPT for its help in composing this match report, editing required obviously but is proving v useful and hilarious.

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What a gorgeous game you lovelies played on Saturday- same again please :D


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