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Sat 20 Jan 2024  ·  South East Women's Division 2 Martlets
South Downs 1
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Womens 3s
S Riley (10'), (40'), M Childs (48'), S Roberts (53')
Lewes Women's 3's Triumph with a 4-0 Victory over South Downs 1

Lewes Women's 3's Triumph with a 4-0 Victory over South Downs 1

Claudine Love22 Jan - 11:43
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Steyning Grammar School, January 20th, 10 am

In a thrilling field hockey encounter, Lewes Women's 3's demonstrated their prowess against South Downs 1, securing a convincing 4-0 victory at Steyning Grammar School on Saturday, January 20th.

The scoring spectacle was led by the sharpshooter of the day, Sara Riley, who netted an impressive brace. Adding to the tally were Mia Childs and Sophia Roberts, both breaking their ducks with a goal each. The relentless offensive efforts of the Lewes team kept South Downs 1 on the back foot throughout the game. Another standout performance from our brilliant young goalkeeper, Freya Colvin, who showcased her usual exceptional skill and agility, earning herself a well-deserved clean sheet.

Despite the resounding success on the scoreboard, the match had its moments of intensity. Helen 'Gubbs' Fuller found herself on the wrong side of an overenthusiastic umpire, resulting in a temporary 2-minute rest. Nevertheless, the team rallied and maintained their dominance on the field. There was some glorious interplay across the pitch, with the majority of the possession green but there was some undoubted generosity with that precious white sphere in the first half. The second half saw us concentrate a little better on the last touch, and honing the killer final strike with 3 goals in the second half.

In the post-match accolades, Nina Blackwell-Rayan was rightfully named the Player's Player, showcasing her outstanding contributions to the team's success. Notably, Gubbs earned herself a fair share of players votes, underscoring her impact on the game despite the temporary setback.

Lewes Women's 3's demonstrated not only their individual prowess but also their cohesive teamwork, securing a well-deserved victory against a competitive South Downs 1. The performance undoubtedly left fans and supporters eagerly anticipating future matches from this talented squad.

I will confess that I had help, both with this match report (thank you Chat GPT, I was intrigued to see how it would roll - I particularly liked the last sentence!), the side-line coaching and half-time talk from the magnificent Kerry Green. Thanks Kez, for your help in firing up the girls at half-time and managing to do it without swearing too. We learnt a lot from you, massively appreciate your time and expertise.

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Very early PB so keep an eye on the WhatsApp group as will post any info re pitch inspection as soon as i get it…

Note it is a pretty busy leisure centre car park that we use for parking, although residential street neighbouring can be used.
If the astro is busy then head for the concrete netball courts on the right as you look at the astro.


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