Gubb's Superpeeper Spotlight - Episode 1 - Malcom Wain

Gubb's Superpeeper Spotlight - Episode 1 - Malcom Wain

By David Mansell
4th May
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Helen Fuller aka Gubbs (our fantastic Umpire Coordinator) caught up with Malcolm Wain earlier in the season.

She asked him:
‘Who would your ideal umpiring partner be?’
Malc paused for a while, reflected, and hurtfully said ‘Will Champness, my hero’.

Devastated, she quickly asked,
‘What was the worst decision you’ve ever made?’
It felt as though Malcolm needed to share his foibles. ‘Today’ he volunteered, ‘I meant to blow, then didn’t, then forgot, then there was a goal, then they started to play, then……’

Gubbs sort of lost track (as did the players), but was happy to have provided a counselling service to this enthusiastic superpeeper.

She moved Malc on. ‘What lucky clothing do you wear for umpiring’.
***************** (Censored)
I’m sorry I can’t share this particular answer. However, I’m sure I’ll never look at young Malc in quite the same way again.

And Gubb's final question was ‘Malcolm, tell me about your favourite signal. What is it?‘
‘Hit outs, hit outs’, volunteered Malc, jumping up to show me how he does it. ‘Expanding my arms, opening my chest, breathing in all that lovely Southdown air, it’s so exciting!’.
Well, who could argue with him?

The bottom line is that Malc is a proper pucker star for Lewes – fixtures and pitch sec, mens’ 5th team captain, county appointed ump, Lewes superpeeper, and all round good Southdown guy. Nice one Malc!

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