Get Inspired: How to get into hockey

Get Inspired: How to get into hockey

By David Mansell
20th May
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Lewes Hockey Club is a good place to start for those who are new to the game or interested in coming back to it after years away ......

Back To Hockey is a campaign offering people of all ages either a complete introduction to the game, or a return to hockey if you've had a break from it.
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But what is hockey?

Hockey is in some ways like football. It's an 11 a-side team game, where the aim is to score a goal in the opposing team's net.
Each player passes a small hard ball around the pitch with a hooked stick.
A match is 70 minutes, with two halves, and the winner is the team which scores the most goals.

Is it for me?

There are different variations of the game, so hockey is for everyone, regardless of age, ability or gender. There's also a real social side, with a culture of team bonding off the field.
It is very common to have two or more generations of a family in one team.
It is the country's most gender-equal sport.
After Team GB women won Gold in Rio, 10,000 people picked up a stick at their local hockey club.

What to expect when I start?

Hockey clubs are welcoming to beginners and are likely to help out with equipment and advice.
You don't have to be an expert in fitness, it is accessible for every level of fitness, ability and body shape.
The sport can be mentally stimulating, will improve your fitness and your hand-eye co-ordination.
For children, matches can be smaller-sided, played on any surface, and use larger, lighter and safer balls.

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